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Accelerating Leadership Growth

Asia Mentors Circle (AMC) is the first senior executive mentoring network focused on accelerating the growth of Global Healthcare Leaders tenured in Asia-Pacific. Founded in 2021, our goal is to mentor and nurture 100 healthcare executives to take on senior leadership roles within the region in the next 5 years.

We aim to do this by leveraging on the collective learnings from our own career journey and supporting our mentees through regular customized interactions to define their purpose-driven leadership to make a meaningful impact.



Our Mission is to transform the next generation of purpose-driven healthcare leaders.

Our vision is to nurture 100 Asia-tenured leaders over the next 5 years for top leadership roles at multinational healthcare companies with a passion to make a greater societal impact within Asia-Pacific communities. 



AMC’s logo is inspired by the plasmid, a small, circular, double-stranded DNA molecule that is distinct from a cell’s chromosomal DNA. Scientists have taken advantage of plasmids - using them as tools to clone, transfer, and manipulate genes to benefit mankind.


As technology, plasmids have given us many modern medicines, life-science tools and changed the face of healthcare.

Similarly, AMC’s mission is to transform the next generation of purpose-driven healthcare leaders. To do that, its mentors are seeking to influence the leadership DNA of the next generation of healthcare leaders and help them to reach their fullest leadership potential.

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